Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I've Been Hit Hiking

So I guess I spoke too soon about the Podcast Transcription hits. I saw a few today and they were back down to four cents apiece. I broke down and did about twenty artist confirmation hits, but none have been processed as of yet. I don't think I'll do many more since I just honestly don't like doing them.

There's been rumors of a new Product Description hit that pays upwards of seventy-five cents, but I haven't seen one on the hit list to confirm it yet. As soon as I see one listed I'll try it out.

I managed to snag about 40 IA hits earlier this evening, but it was a frustrating process. I guess I'm going to have to admit I'm a stubborn old goat and try out some of the auto-accept scripts. I really hope the MTurk guys change the process soon so that you get at least a few seconds to accept a hit before someone else can. It would also be great to have a Submit and Assign button that just accepts the next hit in the group, but there seems to be some indication from the Monolith that they want us to be more selective in what hits we accept. Check out this thread on Turker Nation for more information on that.

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