Thursday, November 10, 2005


I ended up submitting more than 400 hits on Mechanical Turk by the time I went to sleep last night. The approvals seem to have slowed down for some reason and out of the 700+ hits I've submitted so far, over 300 are still in pending status. This is slightly worrisome, so I'll probably hold off on doing more for a while until I start seeing them processed. I'm loathe to continue doing work without getting paid, even if it is only about nine dollars we're talking about.

Last night I was working on Image Adjustment hits mostly from Miami and a few from Dallas and Philadelphia. I think part of the appeal for doing this is just to see the pictures. I enjoy driving around just to drive around, and the pictures you look at for these tasks represent that. It's interesting to see what's going on in some of the pictures. I haven't seen anything weird yet, but you get to see people going about their daily business, unaware that someone is driving by taking a series of pictures.


Justin Pfister said...

So please tell me, Can you make a living from Mechanical Turk? What's your average $/hour? NICE BLOG!!

cobaltgrc said...

I've been playing with mTurk too and this is what I found out. Now that the servers are running smoothly I can do about 100 hits in less then 20 minutes. So that's about 300 hits in an hour. At .03 cents a hit that comes out to be about $9/hour.

Keep the blog going, I'd like to see more discussion on mTurk.

zoops said...

Definitely keep up the blogging.. unfortunately there isn't any sort of discussion forum (that I've found) that really talks about mTurk.

Fan Wang said...

I have submitted 823 HITs, only 213 have been approved, and 59 rejected, and I have made $6.39.

Out of 135 I submitted on Nov 3, only 35 have been accepted.

Most of the pictures I am looking at do not have the business in it. Amazon needs to take much better pictures.

Ebertblog said...

I average around 1300 HIT's a day in my spare time. I've made 74.57 so far since doing it last saturday. Over 52% of mine are pending.

Eric Cranston said...

Down for maintance right now...hopefully will fix the long waits on pending that people are having.

I made a blog on this too

which I have some funny pics from the blockview on.

anyways I'm at almost 2k would've got there today if it hadn't been for system maintance.

Justin Pfister said...

I'd love to get more $/hour figures. I'm curious if this service can hurdle Minimum Wage.. If it can't, i'm curious who this service was designed for.