Saturday, November 12, 2005

Oops, I Hit it Again

I'm glad it's Saturday. I stayed up too late last night watching whatever crap my Tivo happened to grab during the week and doing Baltimore Image Adjustment hits. I was being very casual about it last night and still processed 268 hits. I was quite proud of that until I read on the Turk Monitor that he had done 3000 hits in one day! You guys are insane! The next thing you know I'm going to read about someone developing a neural cortex device that allows them to jack in directly to the Mechanical Turk so they can process a hit every 0.5 seconds. At least it will be driving new technology forward. Heh.

I've tried to do some hits this morning, but I've had no luck. They seem to be having severe technical difficulties. Has anyone noticed the same images coming around since earlier this week? I wonder if perhaps they're just throwing the same hits up over and over just to get the quirks worked out before they start processing real hits. Another reason I say this is because a lot of the businesses and areas of town I've seen so far are not really good candidates for people really looking them up in a search engine.

I also finally caught a reflection of the the image capture vehicle. I'm sure I skipped a lot of them before but it took me a while once I finally started looking for them. Now I see them all the time. Here's the first one I saw. I know it makes no logical sense, but it struck me as odd at first because I've always pictured the vehicle going from left to right just like the picture series do in a hit.


Jen said...

About the downtime... It caused me to have my first expired HIT! It allowed me to accept the HIT, but then kept giving me an error message for the entire hour when I tried to see the pictures for the HIT. It's also still listed in the "My HITS" tab as expired. *sigh* I had such good ratings before too!

Eric Cranston said...

Ya...I've had a lot of expired HIT's from downtime but no big

BTW I have been seeing tons of the same HIT's....I gladly do them again....but I don't know if this is a glitch or perhaps a form of confirmation or maybe just amazon keeping us busy so they have a ready force for when they need stuff done?

Max said...

I think Cracell has it right--I don't think there's a human (or a pre-designed human answer key) at A9 approving all the hits; I suspect they're using (or at least experimenting with) a consensus system. An image gets shown twice--if both agree, both HITs get accepted. If they don't, it comes around again, and again, and again, until a certain number agree (at which point all non-agreeing hits are rejected).

It would explain why HITs aren't just approved during business hours, but ARE more likely to be approved when the system is getting a lot of use.

Max Leibman