Saturday, November 12, 2005

Drivers Wanted

So do you crave driving a cool white SUV with a camera mounted on top all over different cities in the USA? If so then A9 wants to talk to you. Thanks to Fan Wang for the link.

If I was younger and single I'd love doing this job. I did something similar over ten years ago when I drove a white panel van all over Alabama and Georgia trying to find Nextel phones to make modifications to and upgrade their software.

The more I thought about this I wish there could have been something like this when I was in college. I had a student job at the library where I sat in the copy center for hours at a time either studying or trying not to fall asleep. Of course there was barely an Internet back then but it would have been nice to throw a couple extra dollars an hour onto a job where I was basically doing nothing in the first place. Of course I had to walk up hill both ways through the snow to get to this job. You kids today with your Greasemonkey scripts, you don't know how easy you've got it. /grumble


Eric Cranston said...

heh.....I love those hills that defy phsyics and are uphill no matter which direction you go.

Fan Wang said...

E-mail I received from Amazon today regarding some stuff I sent them through the suggestion link on Turk,
It is pretty cool, they are reading my suggestions!!:

Hello from Amazon Mechanical Turk,

I apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail message.
Please be assured that all of us here are working very hard to
provide a thorough, personal answer to each of our customers as
quickly as possible.

We have received all your messages. Thank you very much for the
feedback. I have passed that information along. I will try to
address all your concerns in this message.

I have already passed on your feedback in regards to:

1. The number of pictures there are to choose from on each HIT.

2. The length of time it takes for a HIT to be approved.

3. The fact that the business is often not actually in any of the

4. The quality/resolution of the pictures.

You also had two questions in regards to the site.

1. If you skip a HIT, the computer will offer it to you again. Not
every time, but it will happen.

2. In regards to other customer's dashboards showing up while you
were logged in, I was unable to recreate that. You can please write
us back to give us some more information such as:

A. what browser you used?
B. what information showed up?
C. how often did it occur?
D. is it still occurring?
E. any other information you think is relevant?

Thank you again for all your feedback and am looking forward to
hearing back from you.

Best regards,

Michael Customer Service
Check your order and more:

Eric Cranston said...

oh ya I've had that happen twice in which someone else's dashboard showed up...but if I went anywhere else I was me again...