Friday, November 11, 2005

New Email

I received a new kind of email from MTurk today. It was entitled "Summary of Payment Activity today." As a QA Analyst I have to point out that "today" should be capitalized like all the other words in the title. It looks odd otherwise.

The email appears to be a summary of how many hits were approved and credited to me in the last 24 hours. It was a grand total of $1.23. To be honest I'm not really interested in receiving this information in the form of an email, but I don't currently see any way to inform Amazon that I don't wish to receive the email. To me it's just easier to log in and see my account balance. There's no need to send an email out every day.


Fan Wang said...

I timed myself, and I was able to do 250 HITs within 1 hour, 126 of those have been accepted during the time, so they are becoming faster with accepting HITs. This is definitely above minimum wage. I was working on Huntington Beach, CA

Alan said...

That's averaging one every 14.4 seconds. I'm pretty sure I couldn't maintain that rate, but I'm 37 and I do them at night when I'm tired and distracted. If you could somehow maintain that rate for 8 hours a day 22 days a month you'd submit 44,000 hits and with a rejection of 15% you'd get paid for 37,400 which would be $1122. That comes to $6.38 an hour. If you were really hardcore and did it 30 days a month you could make around $1500 but I seriously think I would end up psychotic if I submitted 60,000 hits in 30 days. I'm sure you crazy college kids could manage it though. Heh.

Fan Wang said...

My goal is to earn enough money with this to buy an Ipod with video. Hopefully I can accomplish that during my spare time.

I am doing HITs in between homework, it is acutally very relaxing and very entertaining. And when they accept HIT fast, it is really fun to see the money I have pile up.

I am doing them fairly fast because 6 out of 10 HIT I do do not see the store in the pictures, or the pictures are taken from so far away and so blurry that it is impossible to distinguish the store, so I just click none of the above. That takes no time to do.

I hope other types of HIT come out soon, I am sure there will be some high paying and challenging tasks to do.

travisl said...

So why does "none of the above" get rejected? It's not like "none of the above" isn't valuable information to them. That just ain't right.

I'm hoping the automotive part descriptions come back online soon, and that it doesn't get stuck on the seat covers again.

Fan Wang said...

None of the above definitely does not get all rejected. I think most of them get accepted. Out of the 250 HIT I submiteed today, I probably had None of the above for half of them, as of now, 200 of them have been approved, this means some of the "none of the above" must have been approved.

Sandoz said...

I did a little test earlier this evening. I find that you lose time while you wait for the pictures to load. I am lucky enough to have 2 monitors. So i setup a page on each monitor.. i would complete a hit.. click the accept next task.. and let it fetch that page.. move to the next monitor complete that hit.. click the accept next tack.. let it load and move back to the other monitor.

Using this method I was able to complete 393 HITs in one hour. I have an accepted rate of 84% so...

393 hits * 0.84 = 330 * $0.03 = $9.90 / hr.

Sandoz said...

Ok.. after downloading and installing the two greasemonkey scripts. And modifying one of them slightly to display a little better on my system. I have figured out that Mturk can be quite profitable. I use two monitors which helps quite a bit because one page can be loading while you are working on the one that loaded while you were doing your previous HIT.

Using my previously stated method as well as the 2 Greasemonkey scripts has given me this approxmiate $$/hr

Avg 560 HITs/hr * 0.86 (acceptance rate) = 482 * $0.03 = $14.46 / hr