Tuesday, November 15, 2005

The Old Guy

Since I'm the old guy among all the Turkers I know, I'm not really going for speed on doing hits. Last night I managed to do 436 hits which brings my total up to 1641. It's goes without saying I suppose that only about 1/3 of them have been processed by this morning. My total towards the caving helmet is now about $25.00, but if all my hits had been processed I'd be sitting at around $42.00. I feel another break coming on until they get this settled.

The rate at which I can submit hits varies with the type of show I'm watching on the Tivo. When I was watching Law and Order last night I slowed down a lot because I had to pay attention to the plot. Later when I was watching That 70's Show I was going much faster since the plot is much easier to follow.

1 comment:

Sandoz said...

Lol.. I made the mistake of watching a movie with subtitles. I only got like 3 hits completed in 2 hours!