Monday, November 21, 2005

Turk Loot

As of last night, with my average 9 to 10% rejection rate, I have submitted enough hits to be able to order my first piece of Turk Loot once the hits are processed. After a long hiatus over the weekend, the Mechanical Turk is back and a lot of the previously pending hits have been processed. Although many Turkers were disappointed that the system was down for so long, I'm sure their wrists and clicking fingers are appreciative of the rest.

Amazon Web Services Evangelist Jeff Barr also stopped by the message boards at Turker Nation recently and gave some nice input and asked for suggestions from the user community. Make sure you stop by when you take your next break from processing hits. He confirmed that new types of hits will be showing up eventually and that they're always looking for more ideas for new types of hits.

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