Friday, November 18, 2005

Friday Morning

Not a whole lot to report about Mechanical Turk lately. The new "None of the others" image seems to be fully implemented now and I didn't see any of the previous two types yesterday. Because of a school function last night, I only submitted 159 hits yesterday. There were also a lot of system errors which slowed down the pace since I couldn't get in a good rhythm so I just went to bed early. I'm still being stubborn and not using the scripts which would probably solve a lot of that for me.

The processing of hits submitted still seems to be hit or miss. They processed a lot of them sometime in the early morning hours yesterday, then only a few got processed from yesterday. This is probably the one thing that is frustrating the majority of Turkers that I've heard from. Some are also frustrated about the account balance not staying up to date recently, but this hasn't affected me yet since I haven't cashed anything out yet.

At this point I'm down to needing about 800 more approvals to get the helmet I've been craving. I'll probably take a break next week during the holidays since I don't want to do anything resembling work for a few days other than getting the big meal ready.

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