Friday, November 11, 2005


I'm slowing down on the number of hits I work on for now. I've done over 850 now and about 45% of them are still in pending status. This includes the very first hit I did back on November 5th. With 390 pending hits that I haven't been paid for, I'm not inclined to spend too much time doing hits until I see that there's some resolution to this.

I also noticed this morning that they're not showing a percentage for Pending status anymore on the dashboard. This is actually a good thing since it let's you see your actual rejection rate which for me is at 14.4% now.

In lieu of doing large numbers of hits, I'm going to do a few select ones to try to understand better which ones are getting rejected. If anyone else wants to share data on this feel free to leave comments.


zoops said...

In my experience, certain cities provide faster (and different) results than others. For example, several days ago I was working on Houston, TX. To my surprise, my HITs were reviewed instantly! Quite a few (34 out of 261) were rejected.. but nonetheless, all 261 had been reviewed after a very short time.

On the other hand, two days ago I did 71 for Miami, FL. None have been reviewed.

Overall, here are my stats:
HITs Submitted 901
Approved 458 86.1%
Rejected 74 13.9%
Pending 369

I've made a total of $13.74, $10 of which is already sitting safely in my personal checking account :)

unsouled said...

Heh, you guys think you have it bad?

HITs Submitted 5032
Approved 364 79.5%
Rejected 94 20.5%
Pending 4574

I've done over a 100 automotive product discriptions(all of them are still pending) and you can see I can power click them while watching TV ;) This was over 7 days, $10 in the account. My question is, why do mine sit there forever, but my friend has them instantly approved/rejected, no matter what city he chooses?! Even a new account doesn't fix my problem...

Alan said...

My numbers are almost exactly the same as zoops. I've also noticed that certain cities get reviewed much quicker than others. Another thing is some cities seem to give less errors.

cobaltgrc said...

My goal in all this is to try to make rent for this month. That means since I started I have to reach a quota of about 575+ each day in order to reach it. The problem is, like the rest of you, most of my work is pending.

Last night I did 610 HITs and they are all still pending. What gives?

Here are my stats:
HITs Submitted 3380 —
Approved 814 81.2%
Rejected 189 18.8%
Pending 2377 —

so I've only made $24.42. The pending HITs are bumming me out.

Fan Wang said...

There is way too many pending HITs (and also too many businesses that have no match)

We should all e-mail this guy, who works for amazon turk and ask him what's up

Also, the Amazon web service boss is called Jeff Barr, he has a blog, search for him and e-mail him too.