Monday, December 05, 2005

5k Hits

I recently submitted my 5000th hit since I started participating in the MTurk project about a month ago. In that month I made a little over $131.00. Not too bad for piddling around in my spare time I suppose.

I've also recently broken down and done a few more Artist Confirmation hits. I still don't really like them, but I have a stubborn, pitiful technique of doing them so if I make three bucks a day doing them I'm happy. I basically skip the hits until I see something like "Pat Boone" or "The Temptations" or something that is obviously "Various Artists." Combining that with have to hit Accept about 10 times before I actually get a hit makes for very slow progress.

I think Amazon's stubborn refusal to do anything about the hits so easily being given to someone else before you have a chance to accept them is soon going to turn me off of the entire project. It's too frustrating. Apparently hits are just shown to as many people as possible until someone clicks accept. It's like they've put you in one of those Vegas "money chambers" where the dollar bills are blowing all around you and you've got so much time to grab as many as you can.

In the past few days people have also been posting on the message boards that they always choose "None of the Others" when doing IA hits. I personally find this distasteful, but it's hard to not expect it. It's the best way to make the highest amount of money in the shortest amount of time so until they implement some method to discourage it, IA hits are probably dead.

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Joel McCoy said...

Not sure if you're aware, but there are (perfectly legal) scripts which give suggested artists from a CDDB query as clickable options in the list for Confirm Artist Name, which helps immensely ever since Amazon removed their own lists of suggestions.

This makes Music HITs a lot more viable- I've been doing them exclusively for over a week now. Yesterday in 1h:45m-
Accepted:734, Rejected:99, Pending:2
Earned: $14.68

Just thought you may like to know.