Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Artist Name Hits

I was recently able to do a few of the latest hit type, where you are asked to look at the cover of an album and then type in the correct name of the artist. They give you some samples of potential artist names as well. These hits have been paying either two or three cents, but usually two cents per approval.

Honestly, I don't like doing them. Maybe I'm just too used to doing Image Adjustment hits. I also don't want to take a 33% pay cut for doing hits that actually take longer for me to do. I think the combination of typing and using the mouse slows me down to about four per minute where I usually do about six IA hits a minute.

Six submits a minute on IA Hits puts me in the geezer league on hits, by the way. I can't even maintain that rate for more than about 10 minutes before I have to take a break. I think getting rich off the Mechanical Turk is not in my destiny. As it is I've made about $100 in the last three weeks by just spending a few hours a night.

There still seems to be some issues with negative pending hits showing up in the dashboard, but various people have received emails from Amazon support stating this should not affect your earnings. There also seems to be a delay in moving money into your account. I've earned enough to order my first goodie from Amazon, but it hasn't shown up in my account yet for me to spend. Patience.

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