Friday, December 09, 2005

Still Hittin' It

I've still been doing about 200 or so hits a day, just to keep up with things and add a little extra money to my Amazon account. At that rate I'd make about $100 a month, which is enough to at least make me smile.

One thing that doesn't make me smile is still having to fight for hits. Clicking accept 20 times in a row and not getting a hit to work on is the only thing that still just makes me go red when I'm on the MTurk site. The Monolith is still silent about it of course. Meh.

I'm signed up for an online training session/overview this Tuesday evening with host Jeff Barr. It should be interesting and I hope to get a few questions in and I promise not to heckle Jeff too much. I'm pretty sure I'm bigger than him, but he may work out more. Heh, heh, heh.


aldiboronti said...

I've made about $20 on the Turk so far, averaging about 100 hits a day.

I liked the photo selecting though that seems to have dried up now. Artists' names pay less and can take longer to complete.

One thing I found infuriating. I did a podcast transcription last week, no set price, I just figured I'd try it out. Now they're back up, paying $4. Great, I thought, but this time you need to take a Qualification Test. And what's the test? 'Send us the text of a podcast transcription that you've submitted'. What the ..? I don't have the damn text any longer, I didn't know I needed to save it.

At present there are no hits to be had. Let's hope they get some up soon. I have got a neat Firefox extension which automates the process of acceptance, ie it only loads in the hits that you can get, which saves a lot of time.

I actually managed to get something different yesterday, completing a sentence about pheronome trails for 1 cent.

BTW have I missed any good hits? So far I've seen photo selection for A9, artists' names, podcast transcriptions, French translation, pheronome trails and product description. Anything else?

aldiboronti said...

Here's the links for the scripts I'm using at the moment to make Mechanical Turk life a little easier.

These only work with the Firefox browser and you'll first need to install the Greasemonkey extension.

Image Adjustment. (Speeds up the photo selection process.)

Auto Accept

Hope this is of use to someone.

Tamara said...

i've been making at least $10 / day when i do it (2 days >$50) and have made a total of ~$225 (yay! food!). yesterday though, it took me a couple hours of reloading to just get 500 HITs (~$7.50) done. ugh! i was hoping i'd finish finals and be able to do $50 days all the time and be able to buy books for next quarter. now there's nothing to do if i didn't do the $0.04 podcast transcriptions (i almost did but then went "this isn't worth $0.04!") and i'm not fluent in french. this sucks.

i hope they get more HITs in soon.