Thursday, April 27, 2006

Apparel Color Normalization

I haven't been very active with the Mechanical Turk recently, but today I saw a type of hit I haven't seen before. They're called Apparel Color Normalization and it involves the turker looking at a very small swatch of color on the screen and choosing the closest matching color from a list with adjacent radio buttons.

The hits are from Amazon Requestor and are paying two cents each. I did five just to check them out and they can be completed fairly quickly. I did notice that several didn't actually have images to judge, so I skipped those. I suspect these are just to provide more traffic on the MTurk website since they have claimed that the Mechanical Turk will come out of Beta soon.

One other minor curiousity I noticed is that they used the British spelling for the color "grey" instead of the normal American "gray." I have no idea why I'm mentioning this, but it did catch my eye while I was working on the hits.

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Cletus the slack-jawed Yokel said...

"Turk Lurker", "Turd Burglar", "Turk Lurker", "Turd Burglar". Cletus confused.